Begin your journey to a stronger, healthier you

Strengthen your core & tone muscle with our Catalyst Pilates classes. We offer one to one classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced students

The benefits

Move with ease, feel uplifted and improve your posture. Build core strength and longer and leaner muscles.

Toning Pilates Cambridge


By targeting both large and smaller supporting muscle groups, Catalyst Pilates tones you up like no other. Giving you the physique and shape you are capable of and desire.

Cleopatra Pose Pilates Flexibility Trainer


Using the unique Pilates Studio equipment we can encourage your body to achieve the flexibility you deserve. The springs can either assist or resist the movements for best results.

Pilates Lengthening Cambridge


By focussing on your body length whilst preforming the exercises better posture can be achieved.  Most of my clients finish the session feeling and looking taller.

Come and start your voyage to a new you
Come and start your voyage to a new you

What our clients say

“Jon is a highly qualified and motivated Pilates instructor. His sessions are meticulously planned to suit the individual requirement of the student. I have benefited enormously from my twice weekly sessions.”


“I am 70 years old and decided to try Pilates for the first time to improve core strength and overall flexibility. Jon is an inspiration. His knowledge, expertise and physical condition are second to none for a man of his “seniority”. I recommend him for all age groups and abilities. I will be 100 before I get to his level”


“Jon’s tuition is by far the most advanced and comprehensive I’ve come across. I found that, working one to one, his expert analysis of body posture and movement combined with a uniquely in-depth understanding of functional anatomy and the principles of human physiology to offer an unparalleled and holistic body-wide benefit tailored to my individual needs. It’s very technical, and coached in a kind, understanding, safe, and very clear way. We work on flexibility, posture, and strength and always in a way to support, enhance and strengthen the body. I always leave the session feeling better, healthier, lighter, stronger, and fitter.”


“Your teaching is slow and very deliberate which is really good. You explain in great detail how to do the moves and also give a very detailed description of what exactly they are achieving. As you know I have lower back problems but every time I have a practice session with you my back really improves. My back was stiff last night but is so much better today. I am loving working on the reformer beds – they really make you have to think and control your movements. It’s amazing how sometimes the smallest of movements can have such a great impact.


The sessions with you are also helping me with my yoga as they are making me think more about how I move in those classes.”